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Buy this excellent DIY kit for your child who will love to assemble his own Pirate Ship. Kit includes an instruction book to make this 300 pieces metal construction hobby kit into your bery own Pirate Ship.



Availability: In stock

Rs. 999.00


Let your imagination set sail as you explore the real world of engineering with this M’Tek Pirate Ship set. Recreate iconic ocean-going vessels - the 3-mast Pirate Ship and sail the seven seas with this pirate ship! When you’re safely back in port, put your Pirate Ship on display or reassemble it to build a vessel of your own design! The Pirate Ship Set comes complete with over 630 durable metal parts and features a glorious newly-refined flag

Easily build this 3 mast Pirate Ship using real metal parts and tools. Once complete, you will have an authentic Metal Pirate Ship Display! It comes complete with 630 parts to inspire your creativity and imagination. The future is yours to build Special Edition Pirate Ship Replica!


Over 300+ pieces,

Step-by-step Instruction Book

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Price Rs. 999.00

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