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Ages: 7 years and above.
This ancient Chinese puzzle provides endless hours of brain-teasing and eye-appealing creative play.

Availability: In stock

Rs. 599.00


This ancient Chinese puzzle provides endless hours of brain-teasing and eye-appealing creative play. Tangram consists of seven geometric pieces derived from a square but can be rearranged into an incredible variety of eye-popping images.

Working with Magnetic Tangram stimulates patience, creativity and spatial skills.

A detailed compilation of puzzles is offered through the ‘Tangle with Tangram’ Book provided in the box. The puzzles are solved by structured learning and have been further  arranged and classified as - animated versions of people, birds, aquatic creatures, other living forms, objects, structures and other oddments to name a few.

One can tackle all these Tangram teasers and while doing so new puzzles can be uncovered with just small shifts or rotations of the pieces made possible because of the magnetic property.

Several new Tangram puzzles are seen for the first time in this compilation. Puzzles based on Indian motifs and festivals, Lord Ganesha, Diwali lamps and lanterns are introduced for the first time. New creations of “Tangram Paradoxes” are also included.

Playing with Magnetic Tangram provides the foundation to future understanding of language and picture forms, Geometry, logical thinking, trial and error, Pythagoras’s theorem, encourages group play and lays the foundation to future STEM skills (scientific, technical, engineering and maths).


Board: 1; Magnetic Tangram tiles: 7; Instruction book (with almost 600 examples)

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Price Rs. 599.00

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