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Ages: 4 years and above
This first of its kind educational aid provides the foundation stone to learning spelling by associating with how the word sounds.

Two piece jigsaw puzzle pairs (80 self-correcting jigsaw pieces) are joined to reveal 40 pictures with the word spellings.

Fun, interesting and appealing….each sound ‘blend’ is shaped as a vehicle board. There are as many as 10 chucky vehicle boards

In the driver’s seat of each vehicle is a child who is displaying the word sounds in the form of a banner of the word blend or digraph.

These are the blends - gr, cr, fl, bl, tr, dr, pl and the digraphs - ch, wh, sh.

Availability: In stock

Rs. 449.00


Puzzle Activity Create the word, place a visual to text Read the word blends on the vehicles Identify the four words per blend and insert them in the correct bus The child first identifies the speech sound in the form of sound blend or diagraph as shown by the in the driver’s seat in each of the 10 large vehicle cut-outs which depict a school bus, luxury bus, double-decker bus, container truck, delivery van, lorry, ambulance, pick-up truck, fire tanker and an emergency van. After recognizing this, the child will try to form pictures with a pair of jigsaw pieces. This is not difficult as the jigsaws are self correcting After completing this fun task, the child will select the four pictures in which the word start depicts the word sound in the form of the digraph or blend. The child then populates the appropriate vehicle with this set of 4 pictures in the empty slots. This is then repeated for the other 9 vehicles. For each sound corresponding to the vehicle the child will practice pronouncing all the words - some of which may be new to the child. By regular play the child would have become accustomed to the spelling and can associate the same with the sound. With some children, whose word vocabulary is good - they can extend the learning with more play possibilities and may form the following words green grandma grass grapes cradle crab crane crayons cherry chair cheese chef flag flute flamingo flute blouse blanket blossoms blocks whistle wheel whale wheat sheep ship shells shark dragon drums dress driver tractor train treasure tree plums planet plate plane grab, grouse, grip, grain crass, crag, creep, crate, crane chute, cheat, chip, chums, chess, chain flab, flair, flocks, flip, flee blab, blower, bleat, blip, bless whip sheen, shapes, sherry, shower, shocks, shale drapes, drab, drag, drip, drain treat, trip, tress plane, pleat, plain, pleasure Sound and Spell can also be played as a memory game by following the instructions in the manual

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Price Rs. 449.00

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